The colder weather is here, ladies and gentleman and with it comes the need for outfits that can be adapted to the shifting temperatures you are exposed to while being outside vs inside. Here in New England, you have to be dressed warm enough for 45 degree, or colder, weather and then be able to quickly acclimate to the warm indoors. Or, you can wake up to a brisk, colder fall morning and then leave the office for lunch to a sunny, 65 degrees and then at 5 it’s snowing. Staying comfortable can be somewhat of a puzzle- I mean, how can you be ready for outside and inside without bundling up and looking like the Michelin man?

Enter outfit layering. It is essential to ensure comfort and warmth in the winter. You don’t want to over heat inside or freeze outside because you don’t have the appropriate attire. You’ll be able to shed layers as you warm up and then easily add them when you get cold. Now, I’m not talking about wearing 3 long sleeve shirts, 4 scarves, 10 pairs of pants, and 3 pairs of gloves- outfit layering can be done stylishly with a few key pieces. If you think, though, that only the fashionista can pull off layering, you’re mistaken. Here are 5 quick tips on how to layer up for Fall and Winter-


1. Start with your thinnest and most fitted layer.

Having a thin and more fitted bottom layer will prevent you from feeling too constricted as you add larger, thicker layers.


Photo C/O popsugar.com

2. Size up on your top layers to avoid looking like a marshmallow and stick to only one bulky layer.

As you add layers, you’ll need to size up to accommodate for the clothing underneath.


Photo C/O dresscodee.com

3. You can still wear some of your summer clothes.

If there are pieces you’re not ready to put in storage like that new jean jacket, summer dress, or cute midi skirt, you can use them as layers. For example, wear the dress over a long sleeve shirt, with the jean jacket on top.


Photo C/O justaprettystyle.com

4. Become in-vested

See what I did there? A vest is a great in-between layer to wear on top of a sweater and under a jacket to keep your body heat from succumbing to the cold weather.


Photo C/O pennypincherfashion.com

5. Layer sweaters

Dying to wear that new cardigan AND turtleneck? Wear them together! With the variety of sweaters available, you’re not limited to just wearing one. Turtle neck under crew neck, v-neck under cardigan, etc.


Photo C/O jessannkirby.com

You don’t have to be a fashion guru or have the latest trends in your closet. Outfit layering is easy for anyone and by using what’s already in their closet,  it’s simple to look put together in a snap. So go ahead, take what you learned today and put together a look to stay comfortable no matter where you are!