What to get the person who already has everything.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. (Who else sang that in their head as they read it?) Actually though, is it really? I mean, the stress of buying gifts for your loved ones isn’t really wonderful. Nobody wants to give “that” gift that leaves the recipient needing to plaster a smile on their face while thanking you. 

And what about those people who buy themselves everything they want/need?What are we supposed to give them? A gift card? No, not personal enough. Cash? I guess everyone needs that. I mean the least they could do is leave a FEW things for us to buy them that they’ve had their eye on.

If you’re like me, you want to give your friends and family something they’ll be truly happy to receive. So, this begs the question- what do you get the person who already has “everything”? This holiday gift guide provides you with some great gift options-

1. Subscriptions

Wine of the month club, monthly beauty boxes, magazines. There are monthly and annual subscriptions for every person that most wouldn’t think to get themselves.

2. Memberships

Museums, clubs, social groups. Give the gift of experiences- a membership to their favorite museum, symphony, or club is often better than an inanimate gift for those more active or social people in your life. 

3. Device accessories

With all the different types of devices available, there are TONS of cool accessories and complimentary additions. For example, a mobile charging base for a voice assistant, a video doorbell camera, voice assistant compatible plugs, etc.

4. Problem Solvers

Car cell phone holders, vacuum cleaners, light up dog collar etc. While a practical gift isn’t always the most glamorous, they can often still be thoughtful. My mom once gave me a car safety kit and I can’t tell you how many times it has come in handy!

5. Airbnb or vrbo gift card

Know a travel lover? They’ll be super appreciative of this gift when they’re planning their next adventure!

6. Charity Donation

What better time of year to give back than the holidays. Making a donation in honor of someone is an extremely thoughtful and caring gift. Try to think of an organization that plays to their passion. For example, donate to the ASPCA in honor of the animal lover in your life.

So, whether you give one of the ideas listed in this holiday gift guide or get something different,  I hope that it really is the most wonderful time of year for you. Grab some hot cocoa, bundle up, and have a great holiday season!