Is anyone else celebrating the start of Spring and subsequently, warm weather? I mean, hello sundresses, I missed you! At the beginning of every season, I’m excited to bring my clothes out from storage- by the end of summer, I’m ready for sweaters but by the end of winter, I’m definitely ready to say, “see ya later” to the cozy, warm styles. To make it easier to get dressed each day and not get overwhelmed by all my clothes, I switch my wardrobes out seasonally and store the other season’s items. It’s important, though, to be smart about how you store your winter clothes to keep them ready to wear come fall. These 5 tips are what I use when swapping out my closet-

1. So fresh and so clean

You wouldn’t put dirty dishes back in the cabinet so why should clothes be any different. Before putting any of your clothes away, make sure everything is clean. Storing smelly or stained clothes can make it harder to remove stains after and the smells could attract bugs while in storage. You’ll thank yourself when the season returns and all your clothes are nice and clean and read to wear!

2. The purge

Storing fewer items requires less space and for those with minimal storage, saying goodbye to some clothes will make it easier to find space to store them. How do you decide what to purge? Were there any items you didn’t wear this year? Anything that doesn’t fit? Is the item permanently stained or have irreparable damage? Ask yourself these questions and if the answer is yes, it’s time to part with them.

3. Location, location, location

To maintain the condition of your clothes, storing them in bright, damp or warm spaces isn’t the greatest idea. The light could discolor your items, and the warm, damp air can create mold and mildew. Attics or basements are generally a safe space but if you don’t have those, under your bed or top shelves is also an ideal location. You may also want to add some moth balls or cedar bricks to keep those pesky buggers away. These bins are perfect.

4. I think we need some space

When packing your items, it’s important to consider what to store with what and how to store it. Puffy items can be compacted and stored in a vacuum-sealed bag to maximize usage of available space. Sweaters should not be hung as they can become misshapen from the hanger and stretched out. Instead, store them in durable bins but avoid stuffing too many in 1 place to prevent any possible damage. These bins are great because you can see what you’re storing in each bins. 

5. These boots were made for walking

That’s right, boots are made to be worn so storing them smushed and flat into a bin can leave them damaged or misshaped. The original box can be a great way to maintain their shape but if you don’t have the box, find a bin of similar size. To keep their shape you also want to consider using boot trees. Don’t have those? A rolled up magazine or cut-up pool noodle can also do the trick.

So now that you’ve said “au revoir” to your winter clothes for the time being, which pieces are you excited to wear first?

Not sure how to navigate your closet? The Style Project is here to help! We can either speak virtually or schedule a time for me to come and help you prepare for the upcoming season!