Why Is Sustainable Fashion Important?

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Sustainable fashion” recently. In a time when fast fashion is a booming industry and landfills are filling up with more clothes and, sustainability is extremely important. Believe it or not, buying second hand or having pieces in your wardrobe that will last can make a huge difference on our environment. The less we buy, the less ends up in landfills and that can easily be done by buying high quality pieces that will last you for multiple seasons.

As a personal stylist who is constantly shopping for clients, I am a HUGE proponent of spending more and buying less. I’m not saying you need to go and get a ton of designer pieces but paying attention to the quality of each piece can have a huge impact. Essentially, when you have a closet filled with well made staples, you know that those pieces will last a while.

Now, let me say that buying quality clothing is nothing new. There is never a better time than now to try sustainable fashion. If it is something you haven’t done before, I’ve compiled a few things for you to look for to determine the potential lifespan of a piece.

5 Ways To Shop For Sustainable Fashion

Take a good look at the stitching of the item. Everything should be sewn, not glued together. Look for tighter, more frequent stitches. To test this out, pull lightly on a seam and if you can see through to the other side, that’s a sign that the item is most likely poorly constructed.

Look for hidden zippers. Exposed zippers are cheaper and so they’re more common on lower quality items. Well made garments usually have zippers that are hidden by a fabric placket. In addition to better quality, it also gives the item a more seamless and polished look.

How thick is the fabric? Sheer, thin fabrics can often be a sign that the item is poorly made. Sheer material is more prone to tearing and contains fewer fibers. High end fabrics such as silk aren’t exempt from this rule — good quality silk should be opaque. Try holding the garment up to the light and if you can’t see the outline of your hand through the material, the item is sure to last a long time.

Is everything straight? Most often well made pieces have patterns that match up at the seams and matching threads. The stitching should also be straight.

What is the garment made of? Generally, a higher percentage of natural fibers in the fabric means the item is going to be well made. This is extremely important when buying outerwear. The more natural fiber included, the warmer it will keep you. It’s okay to have a little synthetic material included as it will help maintain the shape of the piece. 

Next time you go shopping, keep these things in mind and you’ll be sure to add some pieces to your wardrobe with a long life expectancy. Another way to think about sustainable fashion and the longer a garment lasts, the less shopping you have to do!




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