The only holiday gift guide you need to see.


While the pandemic is very much still present in our world, this year more people will be celebrating the holidays with their families with partial thanks to scientific advancements. And let’s all be real, there’s nothing better than giving a gift and seeing the genuine look of excitement once the recipient opens it. No one will have to fake the, “Oh my, you shouldn’t have…” Instead you’ll not only hear the excitement but you’ll see it on their faces. It’s all about giving the gift they didn’t know they needed. So without further adieu, here are a few holiday gift ideas-


Many of these are from small businesses like mine. At a time like this, it is important that we support them to help keep them going! At many price points, you’ll definitely find everything here to finish your holiday gift shopping!

  • For anyone – A limited edition closet edit that will help them get dressed faster and still feel put together and confident! $399
  • For the person who likes a good smelly home- Candle from Kenny Candle Co. I believe she is coming out with some limited edition holiday scents too! $18.99
  • For the pet lover – Custom line art photo. Starts at $25
  • For the caffeine addict – Coffee subscription. Starts at $29
  • For the person whose food never has enough sriracha-  Weak Knees Gift Set $44.99
  • For the gardener – Bulb Vase so they can grow flowers inside too. Starts at $44.99
  • For the traveler – Packing cubes to make packing the easiest part of their adventure. $21.99
  • For the lazy jewelry lover – Water resistant jewelry that you can wear in the shower. Starts at $25
  • For the puzzler – Puzzle mat so they can do their puzzle on the dinner table AND leave space for dinner. $40


Hopefully this will spare you the hair-pulling level of stress from gift shopping this year so you can avoid the malls AND keep your hair. Have more questions about the limited edition holiday closet edit? Click here to schedule a free consultation with me!