The thought of cleaning out a closet can be daunting, let alone actually doing it.

How do you decide what to keep? What if you think you’ll wear something again? Or you’re hoping to lose weight so you want to keep clothes that are too small on you at the time. All of these things and more may cross your mind and deciding where to start can be like going to the gym. Getting there is the hardest part, but once you’re there, you’re on a roll. Purge a few pieces, and the rest will be easy to decide. So, where do you start? These are the things I begin discarding first-

5 Items To Get Rid Of First When Cleaning Out Your Closet

Items that don’t fit

Anything too tight or too big is not going to make you feel your best. You want what fits you right now in your closet.

Items that are falling apart, have stains, or irreparable damage

That t-shirt with holes in it? That sweater with the stain you keep saying you’ll work on? Say au revoir. Anything that isn’t in great, wearable condition doesn’t belong in your closet.

Items out of style

While there are many pieces that are timeless, there are also fast trends that just don’t stick. They have served their purpose and are ready to be put to rest.

Items that don’t make you feel good

It doesn’t matter if the items are currently trendy or even timeless, if you don’t look in the mirror and smile, there is no room for them in your closet

    Anything with a visible layer of dust on it

    It’s the pants you MAY wear one day, or the shoes that still fit but you don’t ever wear them. You haven’t worn it in a while, which means there are many other items you would pick first. Time to say bye.


    Cleaning out a closet is a multi-step process and not something you will get done in one day, so patience is necessary. Purging these items is a great place to start. The next step is working with a professional, who will help you organize the space you have as efficient as possible and give you the opportunity to create new outfits using the clothes that you decide to keep.

    If you are unsure about working with a professional, the benefits outweigh any doubts you have.

    • Fewer items to go through makes items more accessible
    • Finding what you’re looking for will be effortless
    • Getting ready in the morning will be an easier, faster process
    • You’ll have more time to do things like sit down and eat with your family or have more “me time” to relax
    • Ultimately you will spend less money as you will know exactly what you have and not end up buying multiple pieces that are extremely similar

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