Free Guide: How Moms Can Look Put Together, Easily

“After having 2 kids and a career change in the past 10 years, Robin helped me bring my wardrobe and my appearance into the current decade from head to toe. Her quick eye for quality, detail and organization accomplished so much in just 2 sessions!”
Mindy M.

“Working with Robin was fun and productive. She has a talent for putting outfits together. I now have many more outfits to wear as a result of her creative eye and this was without having to buy a ton more clothes. She is knowledgeable about organizational tips and tricks. Following our first appointment, she promptly sent me a succinct list of suggested organizational bins / boxes / shoe racks / etc. She significantly facilitates the decisional process around what to sell, buy, and give. She respects the clients wishes, style and philosophy. I very much appreciated her working with my minimalist approach to clothes and closet. I would recommend Robin to anyone in need of closet re-organization and/or freshening up their style. Thank you , Robin!”
Nadia D.