Each of these are designed to give you the tools you need to accomplish your individual style goals!

Seasonal Closet Cleanse

Is your closet a source of stress for you? Do you avoid going into it? Is it full of clothes that no longer serve you, fit you or aligns with your current lifestyle?


Through a closet cleanse with me you can enjoy a reinvented, clutter free seasonal wardrobe in just one session. We will edit your seasonal wardrobe which includes a closet clean out of pieces that don’t fit or bring you joy and keep what makes you feel confident and excited. We will also determine which pieces need to be altered. At the end you will have a closet you love and a seasonal wardrobe you feel great about. I can also take the pieces you decide to donate giving you one less thing to think about!


Maximum 3.5 hours

What’s Included

  • Get rid of unworn, unloved, and outdated clothing that either don’t fit properly or don’t project the image you’re after
  • Reorganize closet to an easier format for getting dressed
  • 1 day time and 1 night time outfit using the pieces you’re keeping​
  • Determine alterations for pieces being kept​
  • Identify gaps in your wardrobe​

What’s Included

  • Evaluate your seasonal wardrobe
  • Determine your body shape and skin tone​
  • Create 10 new outfits- 5 daytime and 5 night time
  • 3 new outfit equations to use in the future​
  • A personalized digital look book of your new outfits you can refer to when getting dressed ​

Shop Your Closet

Busy and don’t have a lot of time to get dressed? Do you like what you see in your closet but not sure how to put it all together? Are there pieces you LOVE but feel clueless on what to pair them with?


During this session, we’ll evaluate your seasonal wardrobe, discuss styles you like, define your own unique style and determine your body shape and skin tone. Starting with the clothing you already own as a foundation, we’ll put together outfits that fill you with confidence, not shame. At the end you’ll feel like you just finished shopping with all the new outfits we designed.


Maximum 5 hours

The Full Style Refresh

Ready for a complete wardrobe refresh? After a Closet Cleanse, we’ll discuss the gaps in your wardrobe. Based on those, I’ll either compile a virtual shopping list of links to items that are perfect for you or compile items prior to your arrival at your favorite stores. Finally, no more hit or miss, frustrating shopping experiences!

Following our shopping session, if we are working virtually, once you receive the pieces you purchased we will have a try-on session and determine what fits and how to style them with pieces you already have.

If we work together in person, in a separate session I will come to your house and show you how to wear your new pieces with what you already have!


*Does not include cost of new items


 What’s Included

  • Get rid of unworn, unloved, and outdated clothing that either don’t fit properly or don’t project the image you’re after​
  • Determine your body shape and skin tone​
  • Identify gaps in your wardrobe
  • A collection full of new pieces from your favorite brands, hand selected by me for you​
  • For in person session: In-store try-on session to find great new pieces for your wardrobe
  • For a virtual session: Try-on session with all of the items you decided to purchase
  • A personalized digital look book of your new outfits you can refer to when getting dressed ​

What’s Included

  • 1 in-home or virtual session
  • Determine what your “style” is for the photoshoot and what colors will look best on you
  • Explore your closet for items that will match our vision and discuss what needs to be tailored or accessorized
  • Give suggestions for new items to look for to complete looks
  • 5-7 looks for you to wear during the shoot
  • Is the shoot for your family? I will put together 2-3 outfits per person, maximum 4 people.  

Photoshoot Styling

Scheduled a photoshoot and have no idea what to wear or even what will look good on camera? Not all patterns and color will bring out the best you in photos. I will put together a vision for the shoot and after our time together, you will have a great selection of outfits to wear during your time with the photographer.



Maximum 4 hours 

“After having 2 kids and a career change in the past 10 years, Robin helped me bring my wardrobe and my appearance into the current decade from head to toe. Her quick eye for quality, detail and organization accomplished so much in just 2 sessions!”

Mindy M.

“Working with Robin was fun and productive. She has a talent for putting outfits together. I now have many more outfits to wear as a result of her creative eye and this was without having to buy a ton more clothes. She is knowledgeable about organizational tips and tricks. Following our first appointment, she promptly sent me a succinct list of suggested organizational bins / boxes / shoe racks / etc. She significantly facilitates the decisional process around what to sell, buy, and give. She respects the clients wishes, style and philosophy. I very much appreciated her working with my minimalist approach to clothes and closet. I would recommend Robin to anyone in need of closet re-organization and/or freshening up their style. Thank you , Robin!”

Nadia D.

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